Property in Alanya is most popular with foreign buyers for investment property in Turkey. 

Alanya is one of the most beautiful cities in the southern part of Turkey bordered by the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. It is situated in the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. There is no definite information about the first founding of Alanya. But the researches in1957 in Kadiini Cave which is located 12 km from the centre of the city showed that the history of the region goes to late Paleolitic period..  


 In 1221 Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat took lasting control of the city, married the Kir Fard's daughter and reconstructed the city converting it into winter capital of Seljuk. The city was renamed Alaiye, a derivative of Alaaddin. Thanks to its monuments and historical structure Alanya was named the city of cultural heritage by the University of The United Nations Organization. After the blossom years of Sultan Alladdin Keykubat's governing in 1300 the city passed to the Karamanoğlu dynasty, with the center in Konya.

In 1427 the city was sold to the Mamluk dynasty for a period before Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1471 incorporated it into the growing Ottoman Empire.

In 1571 Alaiye was organized into the province of Cyprus, then later under Konya, and in 1868 under Antalya, as it is today. 


In 1935 Atatürk finalized the name in the new alphabet as Alanya. In the beginning of the 20 century Alanya was an agrarian city that depended on banana and citrus production but in the 50th it became the touristic centre because of many historical places, beautiful nature, perfect climate and clean air. Today the city is the world known touristic centre of the Mediterranean and receives more than 100 000 tourists annually.

One of the most outstanding points that differs Alanya from other similar places on the Mediterranean coast is that the centre of the city converted into huge resort with wide range of services. There is a great chose of living apartments, hotels, discos and shops. It is necessary to point out its wonderful beaches which quality was confirmed by the International Blue Flag! They all are at your disposal and absolutely free of charge!

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